Bidding John Bellinger Adieu

by Duncan Hollis

With his final wrap up post, John Bellinger’s guest stint here has come to an end. On behalf of all of us here at Opinio Juris, I want to offer a sincere thank you to John for expending so much time and effort on providing significant, extensive and thoughtful posts and respsonses to comments over the past two weeks. It truly afforded us and our readers an opportunity to engage with the Administration and its legal positions in an unprecedented fashion. Not surprisingly, John’s posts provoked a wide array of reactions, but I think most would agree that we are all better off for having engaged in a dialogue on such serious and important matters involving the conflict with al Qaida, Common Article III of the Geneva Conventions, unlawful enemy combatants, and the issue of immunities.

So, thanks John. And do let us know if you want another round at any point in the future; I’m sure I speak for my fellow contributors and our readers, when I say we’d love to have the opportunity to continue the conversation.

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