Spring International Law Workshops Series

by Peter Spiro

Here’s what I see up on the web by way of spring IL colloquiua. Jeff Dunoff and I are convening one here at Temple, with a terrific line-up including Paul Schiff Berman, Bill Burke-White, David Zaring, Oona Hathaway, David Luban, Joost Pauwelyn, David Luban, and Catherine Powell.

Duke (Curt Bradley, Ralf Michaels, Joost Pauwelyn)
Georgetown (Carlos Vazquez)
University of Georgia (Dan Bodansky and Peggy McGuinness)
NYU (Philip Alston)
Michigan (Daniel Halberstam, Rob Howse, Michael Barr, Steve Ratner)
Temple (Jeff Dunoff and Peter Spiro)


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