William Haynes Withdraws Nomination

William Haynes Withdraws Nomination

Ostensibly as a “concession” to the Democratic-controlled Congress, William Haynes II has withdrawn from consideration for a position on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. The Democrats filibustered his nomination in 2004, but Bush renominated him last year.

Opposition to Haynes, who was General Counsel of the Department of Defense, centered on his responsibility, as General Counsel, for the creation of four controversial Bush policies: (1) denying POW status to any of the prisoners detained at GITMO; (2) claiming the right to torture detainees regardless of the US’s treaty obligations; (3) establishing military tribunals to try detainees; and (4) asserting the right to detain individuals indefinitely as enemy combatants.

Opposition to Haynes’ nomination deepened when he continually refused to clarify his role in those policies in response to Democratic requests.

Three other Bush nominees have also withdrawn: William Myers, Terrence Boyle, and Mike Wallace.

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Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Davis

Hooray! Now let’s prosecute his butt!