Foreign Policy Implications of Mid-Term Elections

by Roger Alford

So how will the mid-term elections affect international relations? Here are my predictions of ten things to look for in the next two years:

1. House investigations on the war in Iraq.
2. House spending limits on the war in Iraq.
3. Cabinet level changes.
4. Democratic infighting about the road ahead in Iraq.
5. Trade Promotion Authority is not renewed.
6. Doha is signed in June 2007, on eve of TPA expiration.
7. Sharp congressional confrontation on executive power.
8. Stevens retires, and Bush appoints successful moderate conservative.
9. Democratic presidential candidates run hawkish.
10. Republican presidential candidates distance themselves from Bush.

2 Responses

  1. I doubt Stevens has any plans to retire. I sure hope not: the last thing this country needs is any more Bush appointees to the bench.

  2. I seem to remember hearing that Stevens has stated he would retire when a Republican was in office, because he was appointed by a Republican. Also, he may not have much of a choice, because he was born in 1920.

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