ACLU Takes Immigrant Worker Rights to the Inter-American Commission

by Peter Spiro

The story here (not clear why this should have been in the Metro section of the Times, although there are more column inches here than this kind of story usually gets). This isn’t the first migration-related case for the Commission, and it won’t be the last (especially with the recent proliferation of law school human rights clinics, with a new one at Penn participating in this petition). By itself, the result may not count for much, assuming the claim is sustained, but cumulatively I think there is something going on here.

Update: Lesley Wexler tells me (I’m giving a talk at FSU today) that the ILO has already found the subject of this petition — challenging the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hoffman Plastics case, which limited remedies for undocumented workers — to violate international labor standards, as described here.

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