Judge Orders Pinochet Arrested

by Kevin Jon Heller

Last month, as I reported here, Chile’s Supreme Court upheld a lower court decision that stripped Pinochet of his immunity in a case involving Chile’s infamous Villa Grimaldi prison, where the current President, Michelle Bachelet, was tortured in 1975. A Chilean magistrate judge, Alejandro Solis, has now filed formal charges against the former dictator and issued a warrant for his arrest. The charges involve 36 disappearances, 23 counts of torture and one murder. In ordering his arrest, the magistrate rejected Pinochet’s claim that he is not fit to stand trial due to his poor health.


2 Responses

  1. Hurray! It was about time!

    I was against Baltazar Garzon’s request of extradition because I found it hypocritical that a judge of a country thet decided to turn the page quitely on Franco now was second guessing the Chileans for having done the same thing.

    But Chileans doing justice by themselves for themselves is great. And it was high time Augusto was hauled before a court. Let me go and pop open a bottle of prosecco!

  2. My only real concern is how going back on the amnesty will affect the choices of future dictators to step down. He certainly deserves what punishment he gets, although I doubt he’ll live to endure much of it.

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