“We Apologize For the Inconvenience”

by Roger Alford

I just came across the text of the statements by the military leaders of the coup in Thailand. I was dumbstruck by how, well, polite they were in terminating the Constitution and disbanding the government.

Here is the money quote:

“Now the Administrative Reform Group under the Democratic System with the King as the Head of State, comprising commanders of the armed forces and the National Police Bureau, has gained, without any resistance, full control of the situation in Bangkok Metropolis and nearby provinces. For the sake of maintaining peace and order in the country, people are asked to render their co-operation. We apologise for the inconvenience…. To maintain peace and order, the Reform Group henceforth announces that (1) The Constitution of Thailand … is terminated. (2) The Senate, the House of Representatives, the Cabinet, and the Constitutional Court are terminated along with the Constitution.”


One Response

  1. Perhaps such politeness is a by-product or spillover effect of the tradition of Theravada Buddhism (its ethical and spiritual teachings on the Eightfold Path, for instance) on much of the populace. Still, the jury’s out….

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