Chris Borgen Receives Moldovan Government Medal of Civic Merit

by Peggy McGuinness

I am delighted to inform our readers that the President of Moldova has bestowed on our own Chris Borgen the Moldovan Medal of Civil Merit — “Meritul Civic”. The medal, the highest civilian honor that the government may award, recognizes Chris’ outstanding work as principal author of the New York City Bar Association study of the Transnistria separatist crisis in Moldova. The full published report is here. The executive summary of the report has been adopted as an official UN document.

Moldovan Foreign Minister Andrei Stratan decorated Chris along with his colleague Mark Meyer at a ceremony at the New York City Bar on Monday evening. In addition to Stratan and Moldovan Ambassador to the US Nicolae Chirtoaca, other high-level diplomats from around the region were rumored to be in attendance. I am sorry to have missed the event, but hope you will join me in congratulating Chris on this great honor.

3 Responses

  1. Congratulations Chris.

    The report is very well drafted and one that is clearly having some real impact, something which is not often the case with these types of documents.

    I’ll drink my last bottle of Moldovan wine in your honor (it’s actually a bottle from Transnistria).

  2. Congratulations Professor Borgen. It was a real service, not only with issuing the report, but by doing more to publicize the conflict and inform the public on Opinio Juris and elsewhere. It’s exactly the type of work that international law professors should be doing.

  3. I would like to add my modest voice to the emerging chorus of congratulations. A well-deserved honor.

    The first post on the subject prompted my family to look up this geographic region on the map and have a nice discussion about what was at stake here. Our daughter happens to be taking a geography course this semester, so it was rather appropriate.

    This is ’cause lawyering’ of a sort perhaps not envisioned by those who made that locution popular.

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