Saudia Arabia Is an Enemy of the U.S. — Who Knew?

by Kevin Jon Heller

You have to appreciate the sophisticated foreign-relations analysis provided by American TV news. Here’s how Brian Williams opened the NBC Nightly News last night:

Good evening from Havana, Cuba, the host city for what is called the Summit of Non-Aligned Nations–in short, all of the enemies of the United States, really, gathered in one room.

The Non-Aligned Movement includes, of course, such notorious America-haters as India, Pakistan, South Africa, and Saudia Arabia.

Hat-Tip: DK at Talking Points Memo.

2 Responses

  1. And the Bahamas! Now there’s an occupation I wouldn’t mind signing up for.

  2. It’s pretty obvious that Williams did not mean that all countries there were America-haters. Rather, he meant that all of the America-haters were there.

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