A request for help on a Human Rights Watch investigation

by Avi Bell

In rereading Ms. Whitson’s defense of HRW’s evidently false accusations of Israeli war crimes in Srifa, I noticed the following interesting phrase: “We documented … a July 19 attack that destroyed at least 13 houses and killed at least 19 people whom residents said were civilians, including eight members of one family.”

This careful phrasing gets me to thinking: what does Ms. Whitson know about the dead that she is not willing to ‘fess up to?

This AP photo shows Hezbollah members carrying the coffins of 10 fighters in Srifa to a mass burial on August 18. If there are any enterprising investigators out there, I would very much appreciate a list of the 10 buried. If any are even more enterprising blogsters out there, I would suggest comparing the list of the 10 to the list of civilian casualties provided by HRW. I wouldn’t be shocked to find some overlap in the listed names, but, before speculating, I’d much rather have the facts.

One more item – according to this piece, as of August 20, the estimated total death toll in Srifa for the entire war stood at 45. This reinforces my observation that the death figures in the NYT were for the entire war, and not merely for the last Israeli attack as Ms. Whitson insinuates.


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