Opinio Juris Hosts Preview of American Political Science Association Roundtable

by Julian Ku

Starting Monday of next week, Opinio Juris is pleased to be hosting an online preview of a roundtable at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association. Entitled “The Allocation of Normative Power to and among International Tribunals,” the roundtable will explore legal and political issues arising out of the rise of international tribunals and the increasing legalization of international relations.

The roundtable will take place at 2 p.m Friday, September 1 at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association in Philadelphia (details can be found here).

The roundtable was organized by Professor Tomer Broude of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law and Deparment of International Relations.* Professor Broude has gathered an impressive set of legal scholars including Opinio Juris’ own Roger Alford of Pepperdine, Jeffrey Dunoff of Temple, Allison Danner and Larry Helfer of Vanderbilt University, Kal Raustiala of UCLA, Thomas Lee of Fordham, and myself (Julian Ku of Hofstra).

Our plan is to kick off our roundtable a few days early here on Opinio Juris before convening in Philadelphia to hash out the rest of our thoughts. If you can’t join us in Philly, we hope you will enjoy and participate in our discussion here next week. See you on Monday!

*Corrected to include his full affiliation.


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