Update: Wikipedia Call to Action

Update: Wikipedia Call to Action

Not too many responses to my tepid call a few weeks back to beef up the international law offerings on this collective effort. There is now an entry for Abram Chayes (by Mark K. Jensen – it is possible to record one’s authorship, on an entry’s history page). I took it on myself to expand, however inadequately, the entry for Louis Sohn (it’s also possible, of course, to add things anonymously). One other advantage to penning these items, again assuming some axe to grind: they invariably end up at or near the top of Google searches. The Chayes entry is at seventh, Sohn’s is third. For “opinio juris” (still too brief), it’s also third, below two links to this blog.

Perhaps this would be a good thing to put some students to work at, as part of a course assignment. In the meantime, there is this article in this week’s New Yorker on the Wikipedia, which while describing its impressive start also hedges bets on the project’s future.

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Vlad Perju


I agree that a good way to fill this vacuum would be to assign the writing of wikipedia entries for major international topics or personalities to law students in our international law classes. The supervising professor would of course be responsible to review and edit the draft entry before it is posted on wikipedia. If there still are errors or omissions, they would be fixed through the normal wiki correction process.

Roger Alford