Washington Post Launches Law Blog

by Roger Alford

The Washington Post has just launched a new law blog called Bench Conference by Andrew Cohen of CBS News. The Washington Post now has over twenty blogs that it sponsors, and they even include comments. Kudos to the Washington Post for embracing the blogosphere in such a serious way. Here is an excerpt from his first post entitled “If You Read This You’ll Make History”:

When there is breaking legal news you’ll be able to come here and get instant analysis. When there are little-known but quite-interesting legal stories you’ll be able to read about them here. And when you want to understand more about the legal system you’ll be able to bang out a question and fire it over to me and I will do my best to answer. And that’s truly what is going to make this thing work. I want to hear from you. Want to hear what you think about the legal news I’m blogging about and also about how I’m covering it for you. This should be a dialogue of sorts, me and you, with the idea being that we can both learn a little from one another. Three or four times a day you’ll be able to come here and learn something new, something you didn’t know before about the law, something you otherwise weren’t likely to come across during your trawl through the newspapers or online.

Is it just me or does Cohen sound just a tad overconfident? He makes his blog sound like a one-stop-shop for law blog readers. Just visit his law blog and blog readers can learn something new everyday that they didn’t know before and that the rest of us ignored? Ummm, sorry Andrew but the legal blogosphere has progressed far beyond that long ago. Law blog readers are far more sophisticated than you suggest. And law bloggers probably will not only not ignore it, they will be there before you.

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