New Journal: The International Political Theory Beacon

by Adil Haque

It seems international law scholars with a philosophical temperament will no longer be forced to troll the library stacks in search of the latest articles bearing on their interests but not searchable on Lexis or Westlaw. Starting next week, the Editorial Board of the web-based International Political Theory Beacon promises to periodically select the finest articles, essays, and book reviews in the field and make them available online in one convenient location. Think of it like a specialized edition of The Philosopher’s Annual. The IPT Beacon will also host a regular State of the Art essay on a selected topic, a survey of Current Trends drawn from pieces not selected by the Board, and a Debate between leading scholars on a topic of mutual interest. The IPT Beacon will accept original submissions, though it promises only to accept essays which match or exceed the quality of the best essays published elsewhere. As a final service, the site contains links to a number of noteworthy unpublished papers.

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