Semi-Thematic Blogging: A Little More on Human Testing

by David Zaring

While international legal reponses to human testing are on my mind, I’ll note that Pfizer has mysteriously been held in violation of international law for its “The Constant Gardener”-like drug testing of a new meningitis-fighter on Nigerian children. Mysteriously, because a) Pfizer isn’t a state, and states are in theory, but often not in practice, the sole subjects of public international law, and b) the panel has not released the report.

The story may call for an addition to the oddest hot genre in Hollywood moviemaking: African applications of international legal obligation.

PS: Even less related: for a fictional treatment of the langours of working at Pfizer, and the attractions of moving to the Third World to fight for global justice (and really, what could be a funnier premise than that?), there’s this.

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  1. I saw ‘Lord of War’ a few months back, and it left me depressed for days. I’m glad real life has, with Taylor locked up in the Hague and one of his arms dealers hauled into court, proved more hopeful than Hollywood. Wow. Imagine that!

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