Welcome New Guest-Blogger Adil Haque

Welcome New Guest-Blogger Adil Haque

We have a new guest-blogger starting today — Adil Haque, a recent graduate of Yale Law School who is currently clerking for Judge Newman on the Second Circuit. Adil’s expertise ranges from criminal law theory to international criminal law to Islamic law, and he has already amassed a publication record any new assistant professor would envy. His latest essay, “Lawrence v. Texas and the Limits of the Criminal Law,” is forthcoming in the Harvard Civil Rights — Civil Liberties Law Review. You can find that essay, as well as his others, here.

Welcome, Adil!

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Patrick S. O'Donnell
Patrick S. O'Donnell

Yes, a hearty welcome (well, in the interest of etiquette [in the sense of Islamic adab or Confucian li ] this won’t count against my blogging-commentary hiatus). And I’m absolutely delighted Opinio Juris readers will be exposed to someone knowledgeable about Islamic law/fiqh (and, presumably, Islamic philosophy[ies], theology[ies], mysticism, culture[s], etc.).

I look forward to reading your articles available at SSRN: I’m especially intrigued by the response to Nagel’s argument….

All the best, Adil, I hope you’re still here when I return….