Redrawing The World Map

by Roger Alford

What if the world map was redrawn based on…

net population…

or net immigration…

or refugee origin…

or toy exports…

or the number of mopeds….

More crazy maps here. (HT Althouse).

3 Responses

  1. ‘What if the world map was redrawn based on’…’dymaxion principles’…like Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Map, that is, as the first world projection to show the continents on a flat surface without visible distortion. Moreover, his map leaves the indelible impression that the land mass of the earth is like one island in one ocean…. (for more information on Bucky, see the Buckminster Fuller Institute, which appears to have moved from my hometown to Brooklyn, NY: ).

    Still, I think these colorful maps are useful, particularly if it is true that folks these days (i.e., those whose lives are suffused with all the latest technological gadgets and wizardry) are, as everyone is quick to inform me (upon learning how ‘verbal’ my courses are), ‘so visual these days.’

  2. Roger (and Julian, et al.),

    You’ll be delighted to learn that I’ll be on a ‘blogging commentary’ hiatus from this point forward.

    It was fun, and I’ll miss y’all (I spent my formative years in, of all places, Irving, Texas).

    All good wishes,


  3. The World (Redrawn by Refugee Origin)

    More fascinating maps here. Via Roger Alford….

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