Demographics of Blog Readers

by Roger Alford

There is an interesting global poll released by GlobeScan Incorporated that is quite revealing about the future of blogs. Here’s the bad news: the public generally does not trust blogs. The poll showed that blogs are the least trusted news source compared to all other news media. The public trusts blogs less than radio, newspapers, television, and family and friends. Only 25% of respondents indicated that they trust blogs. But the good news is that distrust of blogs is no greater than other news sources. A majority of respondents, around 52%, neither trust nor distrust blogs. They apparently have no opinion yet. That makes perfect sense to me. Why should the public trust blogs? The medium is in its infancy and bloggers must earn the public’s trust. Select blogs will succeed in earning that trust, but many will not.

Now the good news. The demographics strongly favor online news gathering. If you are young or educated, you have a strong interest in gathering news online. 71% of respondents aged 18-24 and 64% of respondents who are highly educated said they value gathering news online.

I thought about doing a poll here about whether you value using blogs to gather information, but perhaps there might be a wee problem of selection bias. But there is one poll that I would be curious for our readers to answer: what is your demographic? I would greatly appreciate it if you would scroll down and check the three boxes that apply to you.

Opinio Juris Reader Demographic
Age 65+
Age 55-64
Age 45-54
Age 35-44
Age 25-34
Age 18-24
High Education Level
Medium Education Level
Low Education Level
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