How to Spend Your Time

by David Zaring

Time to maybe shorten the posts a wee, wee dram, no? I’m delighted to guest for Opinio Juris in part because it does such a great job of keeping me up to date on international legal developments. And there are other high quality sites in the blogosphere that you might want to add to your RSS feed provider:
– the International Economic Law and Policy Blog has a great roster of contributors and the capacity to really blogswarm the latest WTO ruling. Place could do with an intern to link to the latest headlines, though.
– Foreign Policy’s Passport blog is a rock solid quick and dirty on the latest in headline newsy IR.
– And I’ve been reading the witty and accessible Daniel Drezner for forever. You probably have too. But even the best known content providers deserve the kudos they earn.

Finally, I urge anyone who has the wherewithal to try to get hold of the daily Nelson Report (you have to subscribe – but don’t ask me how), which is six kinds of conspiratorial awesome on the DC foreign policy establishment, with a particular emphasis on US-Asia relations. I see the very occasional issue, and what I see, I really like. The report’s been all over the recent China state visit, for eample:

“The bottom line, we are told by both US and Chinese sources, is that President Hu and his advisors were infuriated by the incidents that they absolutely are convinced that the incidents were intentional, and not ‘mistakes’, and that tempers have not calmed since returning to Beijing ….” noting that “when the White House announcer intoned, ‘And now, the national anthem of The Republic of China’…that is, Taiwan, no one on the Chinese side thinks this was anything less than deliberate,” and noting per that shouty Falun Gong demonstrator that “the Chinese say the demonstrator was specifically ID’d in advance, yet still was admitted to the White House grounds by the Secret Service, and they ascribe purpose, not sloppiness, as the reason.”

I’m semi-paraphrasing the report, for agreement (not to mention fair use) purposes, so don’t quote me. But did you know any of this? Fun!

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