Bellinger Concludes Testimony Before UN Committee Against Torture

by Roger Alford

State Department Legal Advisor John Bellinger concluded his response to the UN Committee Against Torture yesterday, addressing over 50 questions concerning the U.S. practice and policy relating to torture. The UN’s summary of Friday’s meeting is available here and Monday’s meeting is available here. (The State Department has not yet issued summaries or transcripts). It is an extraordinarily important event for understanding the current U.S. policy regarding torture. Continue reading for the key excerpts of the UN’s summary of the two days.

UPDATE: The State Department has released its full written response here, transcripts of Bellinger’s oral testimony for May 5 and May 8 here and here, and summaries of the May 5 and May 8 meetings here and here. The remarks of Barry Lowenkron, Assistant Secretary for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor, are here. (Thanks to Anthea Roberts for the tip.)

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