Welcome to Guest Blogger David Zaring

by Peggy McGuinness

Opinio Juris welcomes our friend and colleague Professor David Zaring of Washington & Lee Law School as a guest blogger for a couple of weeks. Professor Zaring’s scholarship focuses on adminisrative law, with a particular emphasis on transnational networks and intergovernmental regulation. His SSRN page is here.

Some of you may know David’s sharp and insightful blogging from guest stints at PrawfsBlawg and Concurring Opinions. We welcome him to Opinio Juris and look forward to the lively discussions to come.


3 Responses

  1. Welcome!

    With all due respect and gratitude to regular Opinio Juris contributors, perhaps now we can focus on something other than than ‘failed states,’ ‘dysfunctionality’ at the UN, and the obvious shortcomings of international law. Perhaps now we can cease worshiping at the realist altar of power politics…. Perhaps now we can discuss novel and intriguing forms of intergovernmental regulation and transnational governance. A breath of fresh air indeed.

  2. You may be disappointed in the air I blow it! Though I agree with you that the new forms of regulation and governance are particularly compelling…..

  3. I mean “in” not “it.” Curses. The spelling mistakes begin so quickly.

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