Most Popular Law Blogs

by Roger Alford

There is great commentary today at Prawfsblawg, Concurring Opinions, and Tax Prof Blog on the topic of law blogging. In light of that discussion, I thought it might be interesting to know what are the most popular law blogs based on traffic reports available here.

I am excluding blogs by law professors that are not true law blogs (e.g., Instapundit (#4), Hugh Hewitt (#34), Althouse (#85)), as well as those blogs that straddle the fence (e.g., Is that Legal? (#880)).

But I do not distinguish between law blogs by professors or practitioners because I suspect that law blog consumers do not make that distinction. I also include the ranking of the blog among all blogs on the Internet.

This list includes all the law blogs that are in the top 2,500 of all blogs on the Internet. There may be a few blogs that almost certainly should be on this list (Becker-Posner Blog, SCOTUSblog, The Right Coast, Legal Theory Blog), but traffic information is not available. If I missed a law blog that should be included please let me know.

Here are the results:

1. The Volokh Conspiracy (#46)
2. How Appealing (#146)
3. Balkinization (#189)
4. Professor Bainbridge (#192)
5. Sentencing Law and Policy (#367)
6. TaxProf Blog (#371)
7. (#420)
8. Conglomerate (#448)
9. PrawfsBlawg (#475)
10. Concurring Opinions (#524)
11. ACSBlog (#762)
12. Leiter’s Law School Rankings (#765)
13. Appellate Law and Practice (#1083)
14. Southern California Law Blog (#1084)
15. Opinio Juris (#1183)
16. Ideoblog (#1194)
17. ContractsProf Blog (#1225)
18. CrimLaw (#1378)
19. Business Law Prof Blog (#1820)

UPDATE: I will update this list today and tomorrow as I receive comments and corrections. Here are the changes from the original post so far:

a. In the original post I inadvertently placed The Right Coast and the Legal Theory Blog on the list at #8 and #11, respectively, based on link ranking. They do not have a traffic ranking. The list has been corrected.

b. In the original post was omitted. It is now included.

c. One prominent law blogger currently on this list emailed and suggested Conglomerate should be included as a law blog and not a straddler. It is now included and the ranking has been updated.

d. In the original post Sentencing Law and Policy was omitted. It is now included.

e. In the original post Ideoblog was omitted. It is now included.

UPDATE: Another email comment from a prominent law blogger suggested that TLB traffic ranking is imperfect because of RSS feeds which never register on the traffic reports. I agree, but do not know of a better way to roughly gauge how many people are actually reading the law blogs, unless the numbers for TLB traffic rankings and RSS feed readership estimates can be combined together. If there is an easy way to access and combine those two groups of readers in traffic estimates for all the major law blogs I would like to know.
UPDATE: TaxProf Blog has modified this ranking and excluded law blogs by practitioners (How Appealing, ACS Blog, Appellate Law and Practice, Southern California Law Blog, CrimLaw). The ranking of the most popular law blogs by law professors is available here.

8 Responses

  1. How about Workplace Prof Blog? Paul

  2. Paul,

    There is no traffic ranking for Workplace Prof Blog.

    Roger Alford

  3. Overlawyered is #298 on the traffic report, which would be between #4 and #5 on your list. The traffic report understates our readership, because (1) we have many many RSS readers; and (2) several thousand people who receive Overlawyered through mailing lists.

  4. You missed my Sentencing Law & Policy, which now checks in right above TaxProfBlog and #367

  5. Ted,

    Overlawyered almostly certainly would be on this list, but there is no traffic ranking available, only a link ranking.

    Roger Alford

  6. By your own account, your measure omits the at least a quarter of the top blogs. Rather than characterizing it as “This list includes all the law blogs that are in the top 2,500 of all blogs on the Internet”, which is how it’s being repeated across the Web, it should be characterized as “the top blogs for which TLB tracks traffic,” a considerably smaller subset of “on the Internet.”

  7. There’s actually a fair bit of interesting stuff if you dig into the data some. I just wrote a post comparing this list to one made via TTLB link rankings.

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