"Underneath Their Robes" Back Online

by Roger Alford

One of the more innovative and irreverent law blogs is now back online. As of yesterday, Underneath Their Robes is back up and running. The blog was taken offline abruptly in mid-November after it was revealed in The New Yorker that the blogger, David Lat, was a U.S. attorney in New Jersey. According to this report, he left Justice on Friday and started resuming blogging the following day. He links to an article in New York Times today with a spokesman at Justice stating that Lat left the Justice Department of his own will and that it had nothing to do with the blog.

Now that the blog is back up, the real question is: Will A3G continue to be a roaring success now that the world knows the identity of the blogger and that it is a “he” and not a “she” who is blogging about “judicial hotties”?


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