Jens David Ohlin

Jens David Ohlin is currently Allan R. Tessler Dean and Professor of Law at Cornell Law School in New York. He holds a PhD from Columbia University and a JD from Columbia Law School. Jens specializes in international law and all aspects of criminal law and procedure, including domestic, comparative, and international criminal law. His latest books include Criminal Procedure: Doctrine, Application, and Practice (2019); Criminal Law: Doctrine, Application, and Practice (2nd ed. 2018); International Law: Evolving Doctrine and Practice (2018); Necessity in International Law (2016) (with Larry May); and The Assault on International Law (2015), which challenges the prevailing American hostility towards international institutions and offers a novel theory of rationality to explain why nations should comply with international law.

Jens is co-editor, with Claire Finkelstein, of the Oxford Series in Ethics, National Security, and the Rule of Law, a steering-board member of an international working group researching secondary liability for international crimes, and a co-editor of the forthcoming Oxford Handbook on International Criminal Justice. His latest research project involves foreign election interference. His book, Election Interference: International Law and the Future of Democracy, is forthcoming from Cambridge University Press in 2020.