Special JICJ Issue on the Crime of Aggression — And It’s Free!

Special JICJ Issue on the Crime of Aggression — And It’s Free!

It is my pleasure to announce that the Journal of International Criminal Justice, the leading journal in the field, has just published a special issue on the crime of aggression to commemorate its 10th anniversary.  The special issue, which is edited by Claus Kreß and Philippa Webb, contains a variety of fascinating articles on aggression from a number of leading scholars.  I am delighted to be one of the contributors (though everyone hates my article) — but I’m even more delighted that the special issue includes an article on aggression and quasi-states written by one of my most brilliant LLB students, Alexander Wills.  It’s an exceptional article and richly deserves its place among the others.

Here is a list of the articles in the special issue:

Introduction, Claus Kreß and Philippa Webb

Delegitimizing Aggression: First Steps and False Starts in the Wake of the First World War, Kirsten Sellars

‘In general a principle of justice’: The Debate on the ‘Crime Against Peace’ in the Wake of Nuremberg, Thomas Weigend

Justified Uses of Force and the Crime of Aggression, Erin Creegan

The Crime of Aggression and the Resort to Force against Entities in Statu Nascendi , Alexander Wills

Judicial Independence at Risk: Critical Issues Raised by Selected Human Rights Organizations regarding the Crime of Aggression, Leonie von Braun and Annelen Micus

Par in Parem Imperium Non Habet: The Crime of Aggression and the Complementarity Principle, Beth van Schaack

Aggression and Legality: Custom in Kampala, Marko Milanovic

What is the Crime of Aggression? Comparing the Jus ad Bellum and the ICC Statute, Mary Ellen O’Connell and Mirakmal Niyazmatov

Amending the Amendment Provisions of the Rome Statute: The Kampala Compromise on the Crime of Aggression and the Law of Treaties, Andreas Zimmermann

The Uncertain Legal Status of the Aggression Understandings, Kevin Jon Heller

Individual Civil Responsibility for the Crime of Aggression, Friedrich Rosenfeld

The ICC and the Crime of Aggression: A Dream that Came True and the Reality Ahead, Mauro Politi

You can find the articles, which are all free to download, at the Oxford website here.

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