Annual Duke-Harvard Foreign Relations Law Workshop

Annual Duke-Harvard Foreign Relations Law Workshop

Duke Law is hosting the annual Duke-Harvard Foreign Relations Law Workshop tomorrow, and, as usual offers a stellar line-up.  This year’s topic is The Political Economy of Foreign Relations Law.  For those interested in knowing more, here’s the line-up.

Session 1: War Powers

Peter D. Feaver, Seven Provocations on Domestic Politics of Foreign Relations
William G. Howell, Wartime Presidents
Douglas L. Kriner, More than Meets the Eye: Congressional Checks on Presidential

Commentator: Jide Nzelibe

Session 2: Secrecy

Benjamin O. Fordham, How Useful is Secrecy in American Foreign Policy?
Jack L. Goldsmith, The Problem of Secret Executive Interpretations of War Powers Law

Commentator: Oona Hathaway

Session 3: Treaties, Executive Agreements, and Partisanship

Oona A. Hathaway, Democracy in the Balance: Strengthening Accountability in U.S.
International Lawmaking
Judith Kelley & Jon Pevehouse, The Domestic Politics of the US Article II Process
Jide Nzelibe, Our Partisan Foreign Affairs Constitution
Edward T. Swaine, Valuing Agreements

Commentators: Rachel Brewster and Ernie Young

Session 4: International Trade and Other Delegations

Daniel Abebe, Rethinking International Delegations
Rachel Brewster, Supplying Compliance: Domestic Sources of Trade Law and Policy
Judith Goldstein, [Delegation of Tariff Setting Authority to the President]

Commentator: Larry Helfer

Session 5: Congressional Action and Inaction

Curtis A. Bradley, Congressional Inaction in Foreign Affairs
Paul B. Stephan, The Political Economy of Extraterritoriality
Ernest A. Young, The Political Dynamics of Dormant Foreign Affairs Preemption: Lessons
from Immigration and Climate Regulation

Commentator: Ed Swaine

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