¿Por Qué No Te Callas?

by Roger Alford

Great story about the King of Spain Juan Carlos telling Hugo Chavez, “Why don’t you shut up?” I wouldn’t normally sympathize with such diplomatic indiscretions, but given Chavez’s history and personality I’ll make an exception.

Details about the story are here and a good description of the context of the exchange is available here. Variations are now circulating throughout the blogosphere and YouTube. Here is my favorite version, set to music:


5 Responses

  1. If you would like to watch the exchange in context the three-minute CNN clip is here.

    Roger Alford

  2. Lets put it in context. First what Chavez was pretty upset about (and very understandibly) because of Aznar’s support for the coup in Venezuela (video), as well as saying that Chavez was a danger to Latin America. Even the links and videos above don’t even mention it.

    Unfortunately, Chavez’ rethoric does get in the way of what he does. Let’s not forget all the good things he has done: help countries to rise from under the yoke of the IMF, the Banco Sur, the exploration of oil in countries that can’t afford it, the construction of the South American pipe line, etc.

  3. There is another interesting development regarding Aznar. According to Pagina 12( original in spanish), Juan Ramón Quintana, Bolivias Minister of the Presidency, and Evo Morales strong man, has said that provinces seeking autonomy are financed by Aznar and USAID. He also promissed that he would present more proof in the next few days

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