Law Review Partnerships

NYU JILP Symposium: The Rhetoric of Remedies

by Kevin Jon Heller

NYU JILP Symposium: New Thoughts about Barayagwiza: Reactions to Policing International Prosecutors

by James G. Stewart

NYU JILP Symposium: When Should International Criminal Tribunals Compromise on Remedies for Prosecutorial Misconduct?

by Sonja Starr

NYU JILP Symposium: The Challenge of Assessing Misconduct Allegations at an International Court

by Alex Whiting

NYU JILP Symposium: Policing International Prosecutors Introduction

by NYU Journal of International Law and Politics

HILJ Symposium: Moria Paz responds to Efrat Arbel

by Moria Paz

HILJ Symposium: Consent to the Use of Force, Jus Cogens, and Manifest Violations of Domestic Law

by Duncan Hollis

HILJ Symposium: Getting to the Right Answers about Rights

by Tom Ginsburg

HILJ Symposium: Natalie Lockwood Responds to William Burke-White

by Natalie Lockwood

HILJ Symposium: Constraining Language Through Culture

by Efrat Arbel

HILJ Symposium: International Versus Domestic Law: Supremacy, Surrender, or Co-existence?

by Duncan Hollis

HILJ Symposium: A Response to “International Vote Buying”

by William Burke-White