Law Review Partnerships

AJIL Symposium: Comment on Eyal Benvenisti, Sovereigns as Trustees of Humanity

by Christopher McCrudden

AJIL Symposium: On Medium and Message

by Jan Klabbers

AJIL Symposium: Pushing Benvenisti Further – International Sovereignty as a Relative Concept

by Armin von Bogdandy and Dana Schmalz

AJIL Symposium: Sovereigns as Trustees of Humanity

by Eyal Benvenisti

AJIL Symposium: Sadat response to Robinson and van Sliedregt

by Leila Nadya Sadat

AJIL Symposium: The Humaneness-side of Humanity – CAH’s Modern Meaning

by Elies van Sliedregt

AJIL Symposium: A Plea to Judges – Don’t Make the Policy Element Impossible

by Darryl Robinson

AJIL Symposium: Crimes Against Humanity in the Modern Age

by Leila Nadya Sadat

American Journal of International Law Symposium Starts Today

by Chris Borgen

LJIL Symposium: The Idea of Justice in International Criminal Law

by Darryl Robinson

LJIL Symposium: International Criminal Law and Moral Agency

by Mark Drumbl

LJIL Symposium: Where to Find the Liberal Principles of Criminal Law

by Jens David Ohlin