Book Discussions

Protection of Civilians Symposium: An Overview of Legal and Practical Challenges of Protecting Civilians in Peacekeeping

by Ralph Mamiya

Protection of Civilians Symposium

by Jessica Dorsey

Book Symposium: Cyber War–Introduction

by Kevin Govern

Book Symposium: Interpretation — An Exact Art

by Philip Allott

Book Symposium: Textualism in Treaty Interpretation–A Genealogy

by Fuad Zarbiyev

Book Symposium: Accounting for Difference in Treaty Interpretation over Time

by Julian Arato

Book Symposium: The Rise of Interpretive Communities in Treaty Interpretation

by Michael Waibel

Book Symposium: Is there Existential Interpretation in International Law?

by Duncan Hollis

Book Symposium: Interpretation in International Law–What’s In A Game?

by Daniel Peat and Matthew Windsor

Jus Post Bellum Symposium: Jus Post Bellum and the Ethics of Care

by Carsten Stahn

Jus Post Bellum Symposium: The Responsibility to Protect, Jus Post Bellum, and the Duty to Rebuild After War

by James Pattison

Jus Post Bellum Symposium: Navigating the Unilateral/Multilateral Divide

by Gregory H. Fox