Academic Symposia

Law of the Sea Symposium: Whaling wars, non-state actors and international responsibility

by Irini Papanicolopulu

Law of the Sea Symposium: A Comment on Natalie Klein’s post

by Tim Stephens

Law of the Sea Symposium: What Responsibility over Iconic Marine Living Resources?

by Natalie Klein

Kiobel Insta-Symposium: A Presumption Against Extrajurisdictionality Resurfaces

by John Knox

The Oxford Guide to Treaties: An Opinio Juris Symposium

by Duncan Hollis

The International Law of the Sea: A Treaty for Thee; Customary Law for Me?

by Craig H. Allen

Operationalising Functionality: Questioning the Term ‘Functional’

by Valentina Azarov

The Status of the Gaza Strip – a Short Response

by Pnina Sharvit-Baruch

Occupation Law Symposium: Response by Matthew Saul

by Matthew Saul

Responsibility without Control; Control without Responsibility

by Sari Bashi

The Binary Approach to Occupation: A Double Bind?

by Aeyal Gross

Israel, Gaza, and the End of “Effective Control”

by Elizabeth Samson