Academic Symposia

YLS Sale Symposium: A Salvage Operation–Refugee Rights Advocacy in the United States after Sale

by Bill Frelick

YLS Sale Symposium: Limiting the Damage–Global Refugee Rights Advocacy after Sale

by Bill Frelick

YLS Sale Symposium: Spatial Practice as Evidence and Advocacy

by Bradley Samuels

YLS Sale Symposium: ‘Stopping the Boats’–Australia’s Appalling Example to the World

by Paul Power

YLS Sale Symposium: Immigration Detention and Status Determinations in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba

by Azadeh Dastyari

YLS Sale Symposium: The Politics of Interdiction and Haitian Advocacy

by Jocelyn McCalla

YLS Sale Symposium: Haitian Democracy, the Sale Decision and Haitian Refugees

by Ira Kurzban

Online Symposium: The Globalization of High Seas Interdiction–Sale’s Legacy and Beyond

by Tendayi Achiume, Jeffrey Kahn and Itamar Mann

Ukraine Insta-Symposium: Crimea, Ukraine and Russia: Self-Determination, Intervention and International Law

by Robert McCorquodale

Ukraine Insta-Symposium: Intervention in the Ukraine by Invitation

by Gregory H. Fox

Ukraine Insta-Symposium: Two to Tango? The Limits of Government Consent to Intervention

by Tali Kolesov Har-Oz and Ori Pomson

Chevron and the Rise of Arbitral Power: A Response

by Michael D. Goldhaber