Academic Symposia

Stewart Mini-Symposium: From the ATS to Corporate Criminality under ICL — Mind the Gap

by Steven Ratner

Stewart Mini-Symposium: A Response to Samuel Moyn

by James G. Stewart

Stewart Mini-Symposium: The Ambitious Past of Corporate Regulation

by Samuel Moyn

Mini-Symposium: James Stewart’s The Turn to Corporate Criminal Liability for International Crimes–Transcending the Alien Tort Statute

by Jessica Dorsey

Scottish Independence Insta-Symposium: Scotland’s Secession from the EU

by Jure Vidmar

Scottish Independence Insta-Symposium: ‘Negotiated Independence’–Scottish Independence and a New Path to Statehood?

by Stephen Tierney

Scottish Independence Insta-Symposium: The Legal Terrain Following a Yes Vote for Scottish Independence

by Caroline Kaeb and David Scheffer

Emerging Voices: The Old Woe of Contemporaneity and Cartographic Evidence in a New Bottle

by Arpita Goswami

Guest Post: The Russia-Crimea Treaty

by Gregory H. Fox

YLS Sale Symposium: Sale’s Legacies

by Harold Hongju Koh

YLS Sale Symposium: International Protection Challenges Occasioned by Maritime Movement of Asylum-Seekers

by T. Alexander Aleinikoff

YLS Sale Symposium: Sale’s Legacy and Beyond (Part II)

by Guy Goodwin-Gill