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Opinio Juris is a forum for informed discussion and lively debate about international law and international relations. It was founded by Chris Borgen, a law professor at St. John’s University Law School, who started the site with Peggy McGuinness, also of St. John’s University Law School, and Julian Ku of Hofstra Law School. The site debuted in January 2005. Since then, the Opinio Juris team has expanded to include Roger Alford of Notre Dame Law School; Kevin Jon Heller from SOAS, University of London; Duncan Hollis and Peter Spiro, both of Temple University Law School; Ken Anderson of American University Washington College of Law; Deborah Pearlstein, currently a visiting scholar at Princeton; Kristen Boon of Seton Hall Law School; and most recently Jens Ohlin of Cornell. Jessica Dorsey is the assistant editor.

The Opinio Juris team of authors holds a wide range of views from across the political spectrum and brings a range of experience from their pre-academic careers in government, private legal practice and the NGO community. We encourage civil and respectful dialogue among our bloggers, readers (who may post comments), and guest-bloggers. Our goal is to be both informative and thought-provoking by fostering vigorous intellectual engagement without vitriol. The marketplace of ideas is what we make of it.

Watch for Opinio Juris on-line symposia, book discussions, as well as guest-bloggers from government, private practice, international organizations, and academia.

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